Josh and Miriah Portraits with Holiday Lights
December 13, 2017 10:11 AM Past Photo Shoots
I recently had a great time creating these portraits with holiday lights for this awesome couple. With the holiday season here and all the new lights around town, I thought I would play around with big, blurred holiday lights in the background and/or foreground. Their enthusiasm, excitement, and affection for each other was great to be around. I had two locations in mind for this couple's holiday lights photo shoot: 1. The Square across from the new Cinemark Movie Bistro in Fort CollinsI had rec ......
Jake and Lindsey's Wedding Photo Shoot
September 9, 2017 12:56 PM Past Photo Shoots
I must admit that this was my first wedding photo shoot. Going into it, I was a little nervous. It wasn't my intention to get into wedding photography, but my dentist asked me to, and after much consideration, I agreed. I warned her that I had never shot a wedding before, but she insisted. Overall, I think it went well and that I did a good job. She must have also thought I did a good job since she gave me a bonus :-)
Pumpkin Patch Family Portraits at Osborn Farm in Loveland
October 31, 2016 9:53 AM Past Photo Shoots
The Sinden family and I had a great time this past October taking their pumpkin patch family portraits at the Osborn farm in Loveland, Colorado. I've known the Sinden family for a few years, now. I called them up and asked if they wanted to do some family portraits and they quickly said Yes!The Osborn Farm:The Sinden family was already familiar with the Osborn Farm, as they had been going there for years for their pumpkins. I had never been there, though, so I searched on-line in an attempt to g ......
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